Federal Agencies Accused of Producing “Biased” Gun Crime Data

FBI, CDC Accused of Publishing "Biased" Gun Crime Data

(RepublicanView.org) – The leader of the Crime Prevention Research Center claimed government agencies such as the FBI and the CDC are providing politically biased data on gun crime. He suggested that he has known federal agencies to downplay the number of gun-related criminal incidents prevented by people using guns lawfully.

According to OAN, Dr. John Lott, President of the Center, claimed the FBI has been producing information that’s biased. Lott worked at the Department of Justice and looked into FBI reports and statistics as part of his role. He described how the feds produce a yearly document highlighting “active shootings” nationwide. He said “active shooting” is any instance where a gun is fired in public, ranging from a shot where nobody is hurt to a mass killing spree. Lott also claimed that when he was working for the DOJ, he found that it was “missing” a number of cases where people stopped attacks using guns.

Lott alleged that anti-gun lobbyists pressure government agencies to ignore incidents where guns are used for good, and successfully persuaded the CDC to remove such information from its website.

The author of the book The Bias Against Guns, Lott has put much energy into gun control and related issues and insists that the more guns there are in private hands, the less crime there will be on America’s streets.

In a 1998 publication, More Guns Less Crime, Lott presented statistics from every county in the United States collected over a 29-year year period. He claimed his investigation proves beyond doubt that crime rates go down when citizens are permitted to carry concealed firearms. One critic reportedly said Lott’s research “turns conventional wisdom concerning violent crime and handguns on its head.”

The Cato Institute thoroughly reviewed Lott’s conclusions and arguments and says they have “completely changed the debate about the effect on crime of individuals carrying concealed weapons.” It finds Mr. Lott’s research sound, and commends his unusual decision to make public all of his data and research techniques.

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