DHS Agency Reportedly Launching New Loan Forgiveness Program

DHS Agency Reportedly Launching New Loan Forgiveness Program

(RepublicanView.org) – The Department of Homeland Security’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services is reportedly launching a new program for student loan forgiveness for employees.

Agency employees will be able to earn $10,000 towards the forgiveness of their student loans each year if they agree to a three-year commitment, per a notice obtained by The Washington Times. They will continue to earn $10,000 per year towards their loan until it’s either paid off or reaches a threshold of $60,000. The program is available for employees who continuously hold “tough jobs to fill.” It was reportedly scheduled to be revealed to employees July 1.

Chief Human Capital Officer Dana Campagnolo said her agency has been working relentlessly to fill its workforce.

According to The Washington Times, however, some experts say it’s strange that the agency is supposed to be funded exclusively by the fees paid by immigrants or businesses who want to hire immigrants. Meanwhile, it has pleaded with the federal government for taxpayer funding after several years of struggling financially. Those difficulties reportedly stem from the agency’s decision to waive its fees for immigrants who are seeking asylum.

Immigration Accountability Project Policy Director Rosemary Jenks said it’s questionable where the money will come from. She also questioned whose money would be used to pay off the loans while insinuating that the agency is likely betting on a bailout.

Emilio Gonzalez, who served as the agency’s head under George W. Bush, said the spending is wasteful. According to him, employees are already given high pay, lucrative vacation days, and an attractive general leave policy. He compared it to employees that work directly with the Department of Homeland security and its other agencies.

The reveal comes as the Biden administration attempts to keep Biden’s campaign promise of student loan forgiveness for Americans. Court challenges have largely prevented the president from providing the large-scale relief he originally hoped for.

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