The Republican View Editorial Policy

Republican View takes ethics and journalistic integrity very seriously. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bias, political pandering, and vitriol. While we value the Republican perspective, our stories are well-developed and remain fact-based. We strive to be objective, fair, and thorough in all things we do.

Promoting Open Discourse

The Republican View team believes everyone has the right to their own opinion, even our elected officials. We also believe you, as a voter, deserve to know what those opinions are without having to peel away layers of editorialization first. Clearly reporting on the things our politicians and leaders have said promotes a free flow of information and allows you to build an arsenal of information you can use to promote further discourse with your family and friends.

Protecting Public Interests

Equity and equality are not the same thing. The public absolutely needs to know what’s happening in eh world around them in order to peacefully protest government control and overspending, expose wrongdoing, and make sure our most marginalized communities are not suppressed. We promote transparency and work hard to make sure our leaders are held accountable for their actions.

Ethical Reporting

We demand the best from our team, but we also take responsibility for our errors. Our journalists, editors, and fact-checkers may occasionally miss the mark. We want to hear from you when we do. We promise to immediate acknowledge any issues, do the additional work and research, and take any and all corrective action necessary.

Contact Our Editors

Don’t hesitate to reach out ot the team at any time. We’d love to hear your thoughts, story ideas, and even your concerns. We read all of our emails and respond as appropriate.