Texas Plant Reportedly Set To Help Boost Domestic Ammo Production

Texas Plant Set To Help Boost Domestic Ammo Production

(RepublicanView.org) – A manufacturing plant in Mesquite, TX, is reportedly set to help boost the production of munitions for the US.

Concerns about the US military’s munitions stockpile began mounting in 2023 when President Joe Biden admitted that the nation was running low. He was discussing Ukraine’s limited munitions as it continues to battle Russia before admitting that sending them ammo has depleted US reserves.

Experts have since confirmed that both the US and its NATO allies are low on ammo. General James Hecker said our current stockpiles are significantly less than what we possessed at the most intense moments of the Cold War. The general also admitted that western nations are limited in their ability to remedy the problem.

However, the new General Dynamics factory in Texas could play a vital role in changing that, according to The Wall Street Journal. It’s an upgrade from the 1940s-era plants that the Pentagon has relied on for years and comes as part of its $6 billion effort to revamp domestic munitions manufacturing. The goal is to establish plants that can build various types of munitions as needed.

General Dynamics is using its $1 billion deal to build new technologies and machines that will manufacture ammunition more efficiently and at a much faster pace. The Pentagon hopes domestic production will eventually lead to 100,000 new 155mm shells each month by the end of next year. The US currently produces around 30,000 per month. Experts believe the new plant in Texas will fulfill more than half of the goal as its first production line begins in just a few months.

Plants like the one in Texas will also help the US government localize the production of its munitions, an issue that it believes is crucial for national security. It also includes semiconductor manufacturing, rare materials, and explosives.

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