Brazil Starting Investigation Into Elon Musk

Brazil Starting Investigation Into Elon Musk

( – Brazil is launching an investigation into tech billionaire Elon Musk after he refused to keep certain far-right users on his social media platform, X, blocked.

The investigation comes after Brazilian Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered X on his court’s authority to block a number of users in his country. The order was issued as part of de Moraes’s investigation into former president Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro allegedly attempted to conspire with Brazil’s top military brass and restore himself to power after he lost a presidential election in October 2022.

Former army commander Marco Antonio Freire Gomes and air force commander Carlos Baptista Junior testified against Bolsonaro, claiming the former president held several meetings with them in an attempt to stage a coup. Both men claimed that they attempted to talk Bolsonaro out of his plan several times.

Additionally, the court’s order prohibited X from discussing details of the blocked accounts. It was accompanied with a daily £16,000 fine if the platform failed to comply. Musk, however, says he’s having the blocks reversed. He also called for the Brazilian government to either impeach Moraes or pressure him to resign. Musk also promised to “publish everything demanded by Alexandre” along with details of how his demands violate laws in Brazil.

Alexandre then accused Musk of obstructing justice and revealed he was starting an inquiry. Shortly after, journalist Michael Shellenberger promised to release over two years’ worth of messages between X and courts in Brazil. He called the communications “a sweeping crackdown on free speech,” according to The Guardian. Musk also accused the Brazilian government of aggressively pursuing censorship online. He also said that he will end every restriction imposed by the Brazilian government. He said they will likely lose revenue in Brazil, but noted that he believes “principles” are more important than “profit.”

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil’s current president, criticized Musk’s decision and used it as a vehicle to support new social media regulations. His administration accused Musk of attempting to affront the Brazilian government.

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