Voters Seemingly Unmoved By Biden’s Climate Efforts

Voters Seemingly Unmoved By Biden's Climate Efforts

( – President Joe Biden’s climate policies don’t seem to be persuading young voters thus far, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Biden administration has put a pivotal focus on climate policies. Biden has passed more climate laws than any other US president. Even his inflation reduction act, which isn’t expected to have any real impact for another decade, focuses more on reducing emissions than inflation. It includes a slew of government subsidies that seek to cut greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere by 40% of 2005 levels in 2030.

However, many young voters remain highly skeptical of the Biden administration, and it’s unclear whether that will change. They favor his presidency by a very slim margin despite Gen Z being the most liberal generation of voters. They have also expressed fatigue over claims that refusing to vote for Biden is just another vote for Trump. More young voters (and US voters of all ages) are also worried about Biden’s age.

However, the Biden administration and other advocates are looking to bring about change, the WSJ reported. They believe highlighting the administration’s efforts will help increase support. They also claim that awareness of Biden’s climate policies remains low. However, polls show that climate change has been a comparatively low priority among voters. Other issues such as Immigration and the economy have taken the spotlight.

A Wall Street Journal poll conducted found that only 3% of swing state voters aged between 18 and 34 listed climate change as a high priority. Inflation, immigration, and economic conditions were all considered more important. The same poll also found that Trump leads Biden in six out of seven of the swing states surveyed. Similar polling shows that climate policies are only important among 2% of US voters regardless of age.

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