MTG Targets Mike Johnson in Scathing Letter

MTG Targets Mike Johnson in Scathing Letter

( – Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote to Congressional colleagues listing her grievances against House Speaker Mike Johnson. Taylor Greene filed a motion to vacate the chair after Johnson helped pass the government’s latest spending bill, which she considered a betrayal of fellow Republicans.

In the letter, she explained her reasons for filing the motion, saying she would not tolerate a GOP Speaker who helped the Biden administration enact policies that are “destroying” America. The Georgia Rep. said Johnson is serving his interests, rather than those of the Republican Party, and throwing their “razor-thin majority into chaos.”

Greene noted the list of priorities Johnson mentioned on becoming Speaker, and claimed he has failed to live up to any of them. The Speaker pledged to restore trust, advance a comprehensive policy agenda, engage members, communicate effectively, promote members, increase the Republican majority, and build internal and external coalitions.

Greene isn’t the only lawmaker dissatisfied with Johnson, although it is unclear whether her push to oust him will garner support. Some Republicans, including Kentucky’s Thomas Massie, have similarly expressed frustration at Johnson’s performance.

Massie accused Johnson of prioritizing Ukraine over the United States when the Speaker indicated he might bring a Ukraine aid package to the House floor.

Johnson, who previously refused to allow a vote on dispatching funds to Ukraine, indicated a change of heart before the Congressional Easter break. He said the House could consider “a product” with some critical “innovations” included when it reconvened after Easter. The Guardian reported such “innovations” might consist of transitioning aid into loans or redirecting seized Russian assets to fund Ukrainian munitions.

Greene, meanwhile, confirmed to CNN that if Johnson pushes a Ukraine bill, she will consider her position and may file a second motion for his removal.

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