Elites Meet In Globalist Meeting Location To Discuss Future

(RepublicanView.org) – Every conspiracy buff’s favorite annual meeting of the elites is about to take place where participants will discuss international affairs, geopolitics, economics, and more.

The Bilderberg Group is one that is shrouded in mystery and lore, especially after people like Alex Jones began to shine a light on their annual meetings decades ago, before which hardly anyone had ever heard of them. Established in the Netherlands in 1954, the annual meetings bring together global elites for discourse about geopolitics and international affairs.

Operating under what is called the Chatham House Rule, the affiliations and identities of the attendees are supposed to remain secret. Anyone who attends may speak about what was discussed under the condition that they do not who spoke about what.

Some of the topics discussed last year, according to a press release, were challenges to NATO, disruptions to the global financial system, the post-pandemic world, geopolitical realignments, as well as Russia and China. This year’s meeting will cover AI, the banking system, China, India, Russia, Ukraine, US leadership, and more.

The annual meeting is held in a different place every year. Last year’s conference was held in Washington, D.C. This year, the Bilderberg Group will meet in Lisbon, Portugal.

Most people still aren’t as familiar with the Bilderberg Group as they are with the World Economic Forum, which holds meetings bringing together thousands of figures in politics, academics, and economics. The Bilderberg Group meetings are substantially more exclusive, assembling no more than 150 of the most powerful aristocrats, state heads, businessmen, and scholars.

Conspiracy theories have surrounded the meetings for decades, with some believing major political and economic decisions are determined at these gatherings in order to direct the nations in a particular direction. The most prominent theory about the purpose of the gatherings is that the elites are steering the world toward a one-world government, often referred to as the “New World Order.”

Although not all attendees are listed, a fairly thorough list of this year’s lineup can be found here, including politician Stacy Abrams and billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel.

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