Bob Menendez Files Paperwork for Independent Bid

Bob Menendez Files Paperwork for Independent Bid

( – Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) appears to be pushing through his legal troubles in a new bid to run for office, this time as an Independent.

Menendez and his wife, Nadine, are currently facing 16 federal charges related to corruption. They are accused of accepting expensive jewelry, gold bars, cash, and other bribes in exchange for lucrative business deals and official government favors. Three of his business associates are also facing charges.

Menendez maintains that he is innocent and claims the charges are just a conspiracy to overwhelm and tire him before the 2024 elections. However, nearly half of his colleagues in the Senate urged him to resign from office, as did New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. He previously announced that he would not campaign for the state’s Democratic primaries, although he did leave the option of running as an Independent open. Democrat Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania also said that he would consider expulsion if necessary. However, Chuck Schumer, the current Senate majority leader, said he will wait for the trial’s outcome before making a decision on expulsion.

Menendez filed the necessary paperwork for his Independent bid on June 3. His petition was filed with nearly 2,500 signatures, with only 800 being necessary.

Menendez said he is looking forward to proving his innocence. He also said that he would campaign on the work he’s done in the Senate, such as his response to Hurricane Sandy and the 2020 health emergency.

The announcement comes shortly after Menendez’s office revealed that his wife has been diagnosed with cancer. Her trial, which was originally scheduled for July, has since been postponed. The couple will be tried separately.

Menendez faced similar corruption allegations in 2015. The list included bribery, conspiracy, and fraud. However, a mistrial eventually led to his acquittal.

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