Bob Menendez’s Office Reveals Wife Has Cancer

Bob Menendez's Office Reveals Wife Has Cancer

( – Nadine Menendez, the wife of embattled New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, has been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Menendez is currently under indictment for her alleged involvement in corruption and extortion in partnership with her husband. A press release from the Senator’s office said that she will require a mastectomy, and he is “concerned about the seriousness and advanced stage of the disease.”

The New Jersey lawmaker is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for using his influence to benefit businessmen in the Garden State and the Qatari and Egyptian governments. The couple will be tried separately, and she is expected to face her charges in July. Her trial was reportedly delayed due to medical reasons which were made clear in the statement from her husband’s office.

At the Senator’s trial, FBI agent Aristotelis Kougemitros testified that the federal agency discovered more than $486,000 at various locations throughout the couple’s home in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. He said agents found cash stuffed into bags, jackets, and Timberland boots. They also found 11 mini-gold bars weighing 1oz and two 1kg gold bars.

Senator Menendez vehemently denies corruption charges but has faced calls for his resignation from prominent members of his own party, including New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

Prosecuting Assistant US Attorney Lara Pomerantz said Senator Menendez was engaged in “politics for profit,” whereas defense attorneys said the Democrat had not committed any crimes, even if some might consider his behavior distasteful. Defense lawyers also presented the case that Mrs. Menendez was the driving force and was involved in financial arrangements the Senator was unaware of. Attorney Avi Weitzman said the couple led separate lives.

Senior Democrats have not commented on the trial or the possibility of expelling Menendez if convicted. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters he would await the outcome before deciding.

This is the second time the New Jersey lawmaker has been charged with corruption. In 2015, federal prosecutors accused him of conspiracy, bribery, and honest services fraud, but a judge acquitted him following a mistrial.

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