Top Golfer Gets Arrested Near PGA Championship Venue

Top Golfer Gets Arrested Near PGA Championship Venue

( – The PGA’s top-ranked golfer was arrested and charged in the aftermath of a deadly incident that delayed the PGA Championship on May 17.

Scottie Scheffler, who is currently ranked as the top golfer in the world, was arrested early that morning. He was attempting to navigate his car around an incident that occurred near the venue. John Mills, who worked with the PGA, was hit by a bus and killed along the road while preparing for his work day. The incident occurred at about 5 am, just over two hours before the tournament was scheduled to begin. It was delayed for more than an hour.

Police closed all road lanes so that the death could be investigated. Traffic was jammed for over a mile in both directions on the busy street in Louisville, KY. Some police had been assigned to the event, while others were assigned to the investigation. According to reports, the two sets of police were not communicating well with each other. That’s when Scheffler attempted to drive into the area for the tournament.

He allegedly followed the directions of an officer assigned to the event, but was stopped by a different officer participating in the investigation. Police said the officer had his hands on the vehicle as he was speaking with Scheffler. However, the golfer allegedly attempted to drive away, dragging the officer to the ground. The officer reportedly received minor injuries. Scheffler is now facing four charges, including second-degree assault against an officer.

Scheffler and his attorney, Steve Romines, described the situation as a complete misunderstanding. Romines also promised to litigate the case. He added that Scheffler was unaware of the accident and was just trying to follow the previous officer’s instructions.

Scheffler was released from jail shortly after his incarceration and was still able to play in the championship. According to a fellow inmate, he expressed frustration with being arrested, claiming that it was unjust. However, he still went through his usual warm-up procedures in the jail cell.

Scheffler’s arraignment is currently scheduled for the first week of June.

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