Ohio Approves Measure To Ensure Biden’s Place on Ballot

Ohio Approves Measure To Ensure Biden's Place on Ballot

(RepublicanView.org) – President Joe Biden’s place on Ohio’s ballot has been secured after Republican Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill on June 2 to delay the state’s certification deadline.

It comes a week after DeWine scheduled a special legislative session to ensure Biden’s name appeared on the ballot. He noted that time was “running out” and that the state’s legislators needed to take immediate action. He also called the oversight “unacceptable.” He later expressed a need for a long-term solution for the scheduling issue.

Biden faced potential omission from the state’s November ballot over an existing state law that requires parties to certify their nominees for president by August 7. However, The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to begin nearly two weeks after on August 19. The state’s House and Senate took different measures to address the problem, but they both initially failed.

Amid the struggle, the Democratic National Committee recently revealed that it would be holding a virtual vote to officially nominate Biden ahead of the convention. The DNC has not signaled whether it’s changing these plans following this week’s bill signing, which changes the ballot certification deadline in Ohio to August 23.

Ohio’s Democratic Party implied that the state government, which is largely run by Republicans, was allowing partisan politics to interfere on the issue. They called on DeWine to schedule the special session while expressing confidence that Biden’s name would be included. The state’s Republican party said it supported DeWine’s decision while also expressing confidence that former President Donald Trump would win the state.

The state held similar sessions in both 2012 and 2020 without incident.

DeWine also signed a bill to guard against political contributions from foreign parties. It will take effect on August 31. It also makes “indirect” contributions from foreign sources a crime. He said he wants to crack down on efforts from anyone outside of Ohio to influence the state’s outcomes.

The move comes after several states threatened to exclude Trump from their presidential ballots, citing his recent and ongoing legal battles. A series of lawsuits ensued, and several conservative states also threatened to exclude Biden from theirs. So far, it appears both candidates will appear on every ballot. Both candidates have easily taken victory in their primary races.

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