Biden Approves Ban on Uranium Imports From Russia

Biden Approves Ban on Uranium Imports From Russia

( – President Joe Biden signed a bill supported by both Democrats and Republicans on May 14 to ban uranium imports from Russia.

The bill, which takes effect three months after the signing date, bans all imports of enriched uranium from the world’s leading exporter. However, the US Department of Energy reserves the right to issue waivers if shortages become severe enough until 2028. Russia enriches around 24% of the uranium used in US nuclear power plants. The ban is expected to cost Russia $1 billion per year.

US lawmakers hope the move will put even more pressure on Russian president Vladimir Putin to end his aggression against Ukraine. The federal government already imposed unprecedented sanctions against Russia shortly after it invaded Ukraine in 2022. However, they did not stop Russia’s efforts.

Biden also banned Russian oil, coal, and gas imports shortly after the war began. Biden said at the time that “Defending freedom is going to cost” while addressing the American people. He also said that failing to cut off oil revenue for Russia would cost Americans greatly in the future.

However, officials were more reluctant to ban enriched uranium imports. They feared that doing so would negatively disrupt nuclear power operations around the nation. The United States continues to maintain the world’s biggest market for nuclear materials. Current domestic production levels can only maintain 30% of the total required fuel.

Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor to the Biden administration, expressed optimism about the US’s ability to strengthen domestic production and end its dependence on Russia for nuclear power. He said the country is “committed” to fostering “long-term growth” in the industry.

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