Judge Will Not Allow Giuliani To Appeal Defamation Judgment

Judge Will Not Allow Giuliani To Appeal Defamation Judgment

(RepublicanView.org) – Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani will not avoid a $148 million defamation suit after a New York judge refused to let him appeal.

Giuliani was hoping to have the judgment overturned after it forced him into bankruptcy in December 2023. He was sued over accusations he publicly made about two people who were previously employed as election workers.

The judge presiding over his case also expressed disappointment over his lack of progress in addressing his financial issues. Giuliani still has not sold two of his residences, one in Florida and the other in New York. He also hasn’t disclosed financial reports on time. Additionally, he was recently fired from WABC radio for refusing to avoid discussion of the past election.

Rachel Strickland, the lawyer hired by the former election workers, said “they have done nothing. They sold nothing. They settled nothing.” She also claimed that Giuliani intentionally got himself fired from his job in an attempt to intentionally showcase the network’s restrictions. Judge Sean Lane said he agreed with her and said the case left him feeling “disturbed.”

However, Giuliani’s legal team said he already has more revenue sources ready, although they didn’t specify what it was. They also noted that his apartment will likely be liquidated soon after ironing out final details. Heath Berger, one of his attorneys, said he believes things are back on track.

Additionally, Lane responded to a request from the workers’ legal team to bar Giuliani from discussing them in the future. He didn’t make a final decision, but did say that he will not allow his court to be used as a platform to disregard its orders. He simply told Giuliani’s attorneys to advise their client to stop talking.

Giuliani has been summoned for an indictment in Arizona related to its 2020 elections. He is expected to appear before a judge on May 21, though reports last week indicated prosecutors were unable to serve him. Sources familiar with the matter told CNN that he was in Palm Beach, Florida and had been traveling back and forth between there and New York.

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