Trump’s Son Accuses Fox News of Attempting to Silence Father’s Supporters

Trump Jr. Claims Fox News Is Silencing Trump Supporters

( – Former President Donald Trump skipped the most recent Republican primary debate on Fox News. However, his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. still hoped to access the post-debate spin room, The Hill reported. After being denied entry, he spoke up on social media, claiming that Trump supporters were being targeted for censorship.

The post-debate spin room is where debate participants and their campaign surrogates traditionally answer questions from reporters and discuss their views on how the debate went for their candidates.

The spin room is only meant for surrogates of candidates who participated in the debate, but Trump Jr. and his fiancé Kimberly Guilfoyle tried gain access to the spin room with the media in tow. However, security blocked Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle from entering.

According to reporter David Weigel, Guilfoyle denounced Fox’s decision to bar them from the spin room, calling it “un-American” and claiming it violated the First Amendment.

Meanwhile, Trump Jr. posted a video on X in which he told reporters that he and Guilfoyle were initially told that they could enter the spin room, but security on the scene was told by Fox not to let them in.

In his post accompanying the video, Trump Jr. accused Fox News of attempting to “censor and silence Trump supporters” in favor of the network’s supposed “hand-picked establishment candidates.”

The post-debate spin room is where participants and their surrogates speak with reporters about the debate. Donald Trump was not a participant, and therefore, Fox did not permit Trump surrogates in the spin room unless they were a guest of a credentialed news organization.

In his post on X, Trump Jr. also claimed that Fox’s ratings “are dying” and boasted about the tens of millions of views his father’s pre-recorded interview with Tucker Carlson racked up on X.

A report from Mashable claimed the view counter for the video shown on X is wildly misleading. Rather than the alleged 230 million views Trump later claimed the video received, Mashable determined that as of August 24, the total views was 14.8 million. That number includes anyone who watched only the first 2 seconds of the 46-minute interview.

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