Former Russian General Reportedly Expresses Support for Nuclear Weapon Strike

Ex Russian General Says It's Time for Nuclear Strike

( – A former General in the Russian military has reportedly suggested Moscow should attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons to wipe out any gains made by Ukrainian troops. According to reports, Andrey Gurulev, a Member of Parliament, indicated on Solovyov Live that the town of Robotyne, which was recently recaptured by Ukrainian troops, is the “perfect” site for the attack as so many Ukrainian soldiers are currently in occupation there.

The recapture of Robotyne by Ukrainian troops is a significant advancement for Ukraine amid its much-awaited counteroffensive, which has been raging for some months now. Russia sent some of its most elite paratroopers to the region recently in response to the Ukrainian pushback. Analysts say this points to a potential shortage of reserves in Moscow’s military arsenal, according to a recent report from The Business Insider.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said Ukraine is pushing through Russian defenses in the south of the country, hence the deployment of the elite 76th Guard Air Assault Division by Moscow. According to The Business Insider, Rob Lee from the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia said the 76th Division is Russia’s best and will be “relatively fresh” and ready to mount an aggressive assault.

Ukrainian advances will be good news for most Western leaders and commentators. However, some have expressed concern that if Putin feels close to defeat or believes he has few options, the risk of nuclear attack increases. Putin has promised to defend Russian territory and has suggested that he is prepared to use nuclear arms if the Russian state is threatened.

According to military experts, if he were to take the drastic step, he is likely to launch tactical nuclear weapons rather than long-range warheads designed to take out entire cities. However, even a tactical missile today can be larger and more destructive than the bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Experts predicted in 2022 that Putin would most likely avoid hitting populated areas or killing civilians but would deploy a nuke as a warning and a symbol of how serious he is about defending Russia.

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