Trump Pushes Back on RFK Jr. Campaign

Trump Pushes Back on RFK Jr. Campaign

( – Former President Donald Trump will attend the Libertarian Party national convention in May. The event is coming up amid reports that Trump is setting his sights on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign. Libertarian Party officials invited both Trump and President Joe Biden to the convention, and the former President has accepted the offer. While Kennedy is in the Presidential race as an independent, he has ties to the Libertarian Party, and Trump has reportedly been ramping up his critical remarks targeting him.

Trump has described Kennedy as “not a serious candidate.” In social media posts late last month, Trump also described Kennedy as a “Democratic plant” whose purpose was to take votes from the GOP and help Biden back into the White House. He said a vote for Kennedy was a “wasted protest vote” and warned that people would not support the independent if they “knew the true story about him.” Trump posted a video on Truth Social on May 9 delivering a similar message.

Reaching out to conservatives who may be tempted to back Kennedy, Trump described him as “anti-gun” and an “extreme environmentalist.” The attacks came around the time that a group of polls showed Kennedy’s support eating into Trump’s.

In one survey, responses showed that Kennedy’s support among independents was up from 21% to 27%, while Trump’s percentage fell from 38% to 30%.

In another attack, the former President described Robert Kennedy as the most liberal candidate in the race, more even than the left-wing Jill Stein and Cornel West. For example, he claimed Kennedy was an open border advocate who believed in high taxation and opposed the US military.

In April, however, a very different story emerged from inside the Kennedy camp. Kennedy claimed that Trump’s representatives asked him to be the former President’s running mate in 2024. Chris LaCivita, a Trump adviser, publicly denied that accusation and said the former President would not entertain running alongside a “leftie Loonie.”

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