Dozens of Lawmakers Come Out Against National Guard Proposal

Dozens of Lawmakers Come Out Against National Guard Proposal

( – A bipartisan group of lawmakers in Washington, DC, has spoken out against the Biden administration’s plans to deploy Air National Guard members to the federal US Space Force. The lawmakers say the proposal is “deeply flawed” and would undermine the National Guard and its effectiveness.

In a letter to House and Senate Armed Services Committees, 85 Congress members—comprising 56 House Representatives and 29 Senators—stressed the crucial role of the National Guard, under the rightful command of state leaders, in serving the American people. The letter writers insisted that this model, which has proven its effectiveness, should not change, and command of the National Guard should remain in the hands of state Governors.

The bipartisan objection comes just days after a group of Governors wrote a similar letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin asking that the proposal be scrapped. The letter stated that the proposal to alter the governance of the National Guard undermines more than “100 years of precedent as well as national security and military readiness.” It also argued that relations between Governors and the Department of Defense will be damaged if the plans take effect.

Critics say Legislative Proposal 480 will remove serving National Guard personnel currently performing space missions and transfer them to the federal Space Force. This will be done without the Governors’ consent, which some argue amounts to a federal overreach and unwarranted exercise of power over state authorities.

Among those opposing the Biden administration’s plans is Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who called the move a “power grab.” Florida’s Ron DeSantis said it would weaken his ability to protect Sunshine State residents, particularly as Florida heads into hurricane season. Colorado Governor Jared Polis previously said the proposals would pose a threat to the “very existence of the National Guard.”

Surveys found that at least 70% of impacted National Guard members would prefer to retire or retrain than transfer to the Space Force.

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