Ex-Government Employee Allegedly Made False Accusations About Colleagues

Ex-Government Employee Allegedly Made False Accusations About Colleagues

(RepublicanView.org) – A former federal government employee is facing charges over allegedly filing false accusations against some of his former coworkers during the January 6 Capitol riot in 2021.

Miguel Zapata allegedly emailed tips to the FBI using fake addresses accusing seven of his former coworkers of conspiring and participating on January 6. Most of them were given high security clearances and gathered intelligence as part of their jobs. Agents followed up on the tips but found that none of the accused were even in the city. All of them were working as the riot unfolded.

He also claimed that some of his former colleagues intended to share classified information with participants as part of a plan to overthrow the government. The investigation was conducted by an FBI agent who typically works for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Some of the false emails were sent as late as April 2021. The emails included their full names and addresses, along with the level of security clearance held by each. One of the emails claimed that the individual in question regularly bragged about associations with groups like ProudBoys and Oath Keepers. The program manager who originally hired him in 2015 was also named in the emails.

The charge documents do not specify which branch or agency of the federal government Zapata formerly worked with. However, officials were able to trace the anonymous emails he sent back to servers operated by his employer. One of his email addresses was also used for online searches into the US intelligence community. The process of sending the anonymous tips requires users to confirm their understanding that submitting false information is illegal.

He is currently facing a single count of giving law enforcement false statements. Authorities have not released a motive for Zapata’s alleged crimes. A trial date has not been set. However, he did make a court appearance on May 2. He was released on personal recognizance.

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