Man Sitting on Side of the Highway Admits To Murder

Man Sitting on Side of the Highway Admits To Murder

( – A man sitting next to an interstate in Oklahoma unexpectedly confessed to a murder during a routine welfare check on May 2.

He was referring to the killing of Jennifer Kyli Molloy, 19, in 2016. Joseph Beck, 28, had been sitting near I-40 as drivers began calling authorities while expressing concerns for his well being. A state trooper was dispatched to check on Beck. While speaking with the trooper, Beck began discussing his role in Molloy’s murder voluntarily.

Molloy was found dead in her apartment in Edmond, a city about 15 miles north of Oklahoma City. Employees were conducting routine inspections of apartments when her body was discovered. Friends reported seeing her just the night before at 10:30pm. A close friend said she published a social media post at around 6 am the day her body was discovered. She lived alone. Police immediately suspected foul play but did not reveal the cause of her death.

Authorities said they uncovered several leads in the case, but never had enough evidence to arrest a suspect.

Beck was taken into custody and driven to Edmond Police Department, the same department that originally investigated the murder. Detectives interviewed Beck before formally placing him under arrest. He is now facing first degree murder charges. Beck remains incarcerated at the Oklahoma Detention Center.

Beck claimed that he strangled Molloy during the interrogation. He was considered a primary suspect after discussing key details that had not been publicized about the case. He said that Molloy was a coworker he found attractive. He also admitted to eventually visiting her at home with the intent of assaulting her. However, he became angry after she told him to leave. That, according to Beck, is what led him to kill her. Molloy’s family said they knew of Beck, but the extent of their relationship remains unclear. Molloy’s sister, Christa Stanfiel, even said that Beck was the “sweetest guy” when they were growing up. She never imagined that he would be capable of such an act.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said in a Facebook post they hope Beck’s arrest finally brings answers to Molloy’s loved ones.

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