Rob Schneider Delivers Grim Warning About Government

Rob Schneider Delivers Grim Warning About Government

( – Actor Rob Schneider says he worries that future generations will be slaves to governments. He claimed politicians are enslaving people slowly and are starting with children. In an extensive Twitter post, Schneider argued that the process of government is no longer taught in schools. He said the powerful do not want ordinary people to understand how government works because if they do, they might want to be a part of it.

He went on to add that the political elite wants their populations to be overweight, sick, and dependent on the state. People must not think for themselves, he added, so leaders conspire with internet giants and the media to regulate the information that is received. Finally, he claimed the last nail in the coffin of freedom will be the removal of Americans’ right to bear arms. “When that happens, if they are able to disarm us, then it’s over. We will be slaves and our children will be slaves for 100 years,” he concluded.

Mr. Schneider is not alone in his view, as demonstrated by some of the responses he received online. Some posters said he was 100% correct, while others said they used to believe it was just the Democrats who were intent on destroying American liberty but now believe that Republicans are an equal threat.

Comedian Schneider, who says he left San Francisco for Arizona to escape left-wing politics, insists that many celebrities in Hollywood agree with him but are afraid to speak out because it would ruin their careers. He told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade last year that he does not understand why believing in family, faith, and country has become controversial in America.

In a separate interview with Glenn Beck last August, he said he was “absolutely” willing to sacrifice his career to stand up for his political beliefs. The actor stated that Democrats no longer care about the right of the individual, and he left California to escape the “Democrat stranglehold.”

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