North Korea Threatens to Annihilate the United States

North Korea Threatens to Annihilate the United States

( – Officials in North Korea said they will annihilate the United States by the end of this century if the US “offends” the country. The country’s foreign ministry made the pledge during its annual celebrations of what its government calls “Victory Day.” The communist state’s dictator Kim Jong Un tells his isolated people that North Korea was the glorious victor of the Korean War, even though no agreement was reached or winner declared. The war ended in 1953 with the establishment of a demilitarized zone between North and South Korea – a border still observed by US forces.

In a statement to mark North Korea’s “Victory Day,” a foreign ministry spokesperson said that the Korean War signaled the beginning of the end for the US, adding that the “irrevocable termination” would occur this century.

North Korea was backed by communist regimes, including the Soviet Union, during the war, while the South, which has since prospered as a capitalist democracy, was supported by the United States. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, however, North Korea’s fortunes fell, but it has since courted a stronger relationship with fellow communists in China.

Last September, as sanctions began to reduce Russia’s options, US officials reported that the Kremlin purchased millions of rockets and shells from the Pyongyang regime. Ukraine responded to the news with mockery, saying Russia was following in North Korea’s footsteps in a range of areas, including “standard of living.”

Kim Jong Un has a record of threats against America, and frequently tells the world’s press he intends to bring it to an end. He has warned the United States that he will happily use nuclear weapons if needs be, and he repeats this threat at least annually.

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