Rapper Dies After Getting Hit By Gunfire in Nashville

Rapper Dies After Getting Hit By Gunfire in Nashville

(RepublicanView.org) – Chris King, a rapper and close personal friend of Justin Bieber and several other a-list musicians, is dead after a fatal shooting in Nashville, TN, on April 20.

King, whose actual last name was Cheeks, was spending time with friends in an alley when three unknown men attempted to rob them. Interactions between the friends remained cordial until they were approached. Shooting broke out soon after, causing King’s group of friends to run in different directions. King was hit and rushed to a local hospital, where he died soon after arriving.

One 29-year-old friend of King’s was hit but survived the shooting. He was also rushed to a local hospital from Church Street. His identity has not been released. The other friends are believed to be unharmed.

Authorities said they are working hard to investigate the murder. They have identified 19-year-old Adrian Cameron as a suspect. Cameron has a lengthy rap sheet that includes a previous murder charge. He was released on bond with an ankle monitor. Authorities used tracking software to determine that it had been removed shortly before King was shot. However, the murder remains under investigation.

Several big-name celebrities expressed their condolences for King on social media. Bieber, who was King’s roommate years back, expressed his sadness over King’s death on Instagram and asked for prayers. King’s career was just starting when he and Bieber were roommates.

Fellow rapper Trippie Redd credited King with kick starting his career while praising his energy.

Machine Gun Kelly responded to Redd’s post with “Chris was rare.”

Singer and actress Keke Palmer also credited King with boosting her career while posting an older picture of the two.

King was preparing to perform at Nashville’s Cannafest event. He was known for his “Luck of the Snotty” series. He also released what would become his final album, “Seeing Double Seeing Double,” earlier this month. “Who is Chris King,” his first EP, was released on March 11, 2013.

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