Paul Pelosi Attacker Resentenced After Error

Paul Pelosi Attacker Resentenced After Error

( – The man convicted of attacking former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been sentenced to 30 years in jail as the presiding Judge apologized for previously not allowing him to speak. David DePape was initially sentenced on May 17, but Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley later said she had made an error and recalled the attacker to allow him to make a pre-sentencing statement. The Judge told DePape she was “truly sorry” for her previous mistake.

During the recalled hearing, Mr. DePape expressed regret for the assault on Paul Pelosi at his California home in 2022. “I should have gone home when I found out Nancy Pelosi wasn’t there,” he said. The Canadian previously confessed his intention to force Pelosi to acknowledge high levels of alleged corruption in politics but launched the attack on her husband in her absence.

As DePape began his 30-year federal prison sentence, preparations were underway for separate state proceedings, where he faces charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, residential burglary, elder abuse, false imprisonment, and threatening the life or serious bodily harm to a public official. He has pleaded not guilty.

Police body-camera footage caught the shocking moment DePape struck Mr. Pelosi on the head with a hammer in October 2022 after breaking into his San Francisco home. Court documents revealed that the attacker intended to break Nancy Pelosi’s kneecaps.

Conspiracies surrounding the attack soon surfaced online, and prominent conservatives came under fire for suggesting Mr. Pelosi knew his attacker or was involved in a relationship with him. Many of the rumors were based on an initial news report that DePape was in his underwear when he was arrested, but police later said this was untrue. Nancy Pelosi described some reactions as terrible and off-putting for voters already disengaged or distrusting of politics.

Paul Pelosi said he was forever changed by the assault.

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