Military Fighter Jet Crashes Near Airport

Military Fighter Jet Crashes Near Airport

( – A military fighter jet crashed in New Mexico on May 28 just after 2PM very close to a busy international airport.

The plane went down on a desert hillside very close to Albuquerque International Sunport. Thick smoke could be seen billowing high above the surrounding hills. The pilot managed to survive the crash after ejecting and escaping on his own. However, he was transported to University of New Mexico Hospital with serious injuries. He was reportedly in stable condition as of last Tuesday. No one else was on board.

The plane was later identified as an F-35 fighter jet by manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The plane was enroute from Fort Worth, TX, to a base near Los Angeles, CA. It had stopped to refuel just before the crash in New Mexico’s Kirtland Air Force Base.

The jet underwent maintenance during its stay in Fort Worth. However, it was being transferred to California for additional modifications ahead of the crash. It was a newer fighter jet that was primarily used for testing. It was a variant of the typical F-35 that was customized for use by the US Marine Corps. However, it was being flown by a pilot for the Air Force.

Two civilians were nearby when the plane went down. They were checked out by first responders but were not seriously injured. Neither were hospitalized.

According to Jason Fejer, a lieutenant with Albuquerque’s Fire Rescue department, the fire was extinguished quickly before it could spread across the desert landscape.

The plane is estimated to be worth $135 million. Officials have not yet publicly stated what caused the jet to go down. The weather was sunny and clear when the crash occurred.

The airport reported brief flight delays related to the crash, but regular operations resumed shortly after.

Tim Keller, the current mayor of Albuquerque, said he was grateful for the work of first responders. He also said that he would be praying for the pilot’s recovery.

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