Man Has Reportedly Fathered Over 2 Dozen Children

38-Year-Old Man Has Fathered 25 Children

( – A 38-year-old man from Maryland has fathered 25 children despite never having been in a relationship. Drew Sollenberger has no romantic attraction to either gender and has never been in an intimate relationship. However, his love of children meant he wanted to be a father since his teens; his solution was to become a sperm donor.

Mr. Sollenberger registered with a website called Known Donor Registry which connects donors with families unable to conceive naturally. As a result, he has fathered 25 kids, and because the site facilities private relationships per each party’s wishes, he is still in touch with eight of his children, whom he sees around once a month.

He said that he has never been in a romantic relationship, which makes him more attractive to people seeking donations because he is far less likely to have diseases or romantic complications. He adds that he mainly donates to heterosexual and lesbian couples, and that he is regularly in contact with a number of the children he has fathered.

Men fathering large numbers of children through sperm donation is not unusual, and Mr. Sollenberger’s figure is relatively low. In the Netherlands, the government stepped in when a man named Jonathan fathered 550 children. Dutch authorities told him he would be fined around $100,000 if he donated any more sperm.

Also in the Netherlands, a man named Louis spoke to the press in 2018 about the unorthodox way he chose to become a father. He planned to donate so much sperm and father so many children that one of them would eventually come looking for him. It worked. Louis fathered around 200 offspring. An Amsterdam nurse named Joyce was one of them – and she tried to locate him when she was 34 years old. After giving birth to her twins, Joyce found Louis and introduced them. The new grandfather said he was immediately struck by how much the twins looked like him.

A law has been passed in the Netherlands limiting the number of children a man can father through sperm donation to 25.

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