Hunter Biden Requests To Testify Publicly Before Lawmakers

Hunter Biden Wants To Testify Publicly Before Lawmakers

( – Hunter Biden told lawmakers through his lawyer that he is willing to testify in front of a House Oversight Committee next month that will be led by Republicans. However, he wants to do it publicly.

The younger Biden was subpoenaed in early November by Republicans in the House. They initially wanted a closed-door interview, but his lawyer, Abbe Lowell, reached out in a letter on November 28 requesting a public testimony. Lowell accused them of manipulating and distorting facts after previous closed-door meetings.

The subpoena was issued as part of an impeachment inquiry by the GOP into possible crimes committed by President Joe Biden. Witnesses claim the banking records of both Bidens must be reviewed to determine if there is sufficient evidence for an impeachment.

James Comer (R-KY), the committee’s chairman, believes President Biden has committed impeachable offenses, including some questionable business activities that both Bidens engaged in. He also says that investigators looking into the alleged offenses have had their investigations shut down. However, Comer does acknowledge that more evidence is needed. He hopes Hunter Biden’s testimony will help.

Comer issued a statement in response to the request from Lowell, demanding full compliance with their “lawfully issued” subpoena. However, he did also agree to allow the younger Biden to publicly testify at a later time.

The White House sent a letter to House Republicans earlier this month demanding a withdrawal of all subpoenas issued to relatives of President Biden. The letter claimed the subpoenas to be “irresponsible.” It also claimed that all of the allegations have been proven false.

Comer has also subpoenaed President Biden’s brother, daughter-in-law, and former daughter-in-law (the widow of Beau Biden) after reviewing thousands of financial documents. They believe President Biden may have broken the law when assisting some of Hunter Biden’s business activities through illegal bribery.

GOP members of the House Oversight Committee also claimed that President Biden’s relatives have set up nearly two dozen shell companies as an attempt to obscure financial transactions with hostile states. The shell companies may have also been used to hide millions of dollars in payments from other countries, according to Republicans.

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