Former Obama Aide Worried About “No Labels” Third Party Candidacy

Former Obama Aide Worried About "No Labels" Third Party Candidacy

( – A former Obama aide expressed concern that a third-party candidate in next year’s Presidential election will take votes from President Joe Biden and hand victory to Donald Trump. In a Politico op-ed, Jim Messina wrote that a third party can’t win the White House race, and it is time to put that “farce” to rest.

Messina expressly referred to the third-pay group No Labels, founded by Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, who started with the Democrats but left to become an independent.

“No Labels is pushing a dangerous lie that would simply serve to put Donald Trump back in the White House,” he wrote.

Mr. Messina, CEO of the Messina Group – a strategic consultancy firm- added that election results over the past several decades prove that a third candidate can’t win, but can influence the nation’s direction by taking votes from candidates who can. He suggested that third-party contenders enter the race with “ulterior motives” aimed at securing a win for one party candidate or another.

He also argued that the crucial swing states Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will likely decide the winner of next year’s contest.

According to Fox News, No Labels ally Senator Joe Manchin said he believes many Americans are politically “homeless” due to extremism in both the Republicans and the Democrats. Mr. Manchin thinks that a third candidate could unite America and bridge the divide between red and blue. He denies, furthermore, that No Labels competitors will help Trump re-enter the White House.

No Labels was established in 2009 as a “commonsense” movement aiming to speak for most Americans. Its leadership includes Liberman as well as former GOP Senators Larry Hogan and Pat McCrory. It has yet to announce if it intends to stand a candidate in 2024 and said it will make that decision early next year.

It confirmed it would not stand a candidate if that candidate were likely to help either Donald Trump or Joe Biden regain access to the Oval Office.

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