Ex-Police Chief Is Running for the Senate

Ex-Police Chief Is Running for the Senate

(RepublicanView.org) – A former Detroit police chief has announced his run for the Senate. James Craig launched his campaign on October 3 and seeks to unseat Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow. According to a Fox News report, the veteran police officer attacked the Biden administration’s “lackluster” action on securing the southern border and described the economy as a “mess.”

Craig praised former President Donald Trump’s administration’s “great effort at building a wall” and said America was “energy-independent” during the Trump administration while the current White House occupant is “doing nothing” to help people progress.

He also lamented that the “American Dream” has become a “real dream” and that it’s become impossible for young people to buy homes.

Mr. Craig has already announced his view on the funding of Ukraine and sided with a growing number of Republicans who believe this should cease. He called America’s contribution to Ukraine’s war chest “an endless effort,” despite acknowledging that he believes what Russia is doing is wrong.

There is already stiff competition in the primary race for the GOP nomination, however. Craig will contest against former Rep. Mike Rogers and, potentially, Peter Meijer – another former House Representative rumored to be weighing up a bid.

On his website, Mr. Craig lists his priorities as fighting crime, rebuilding the education system, an America-first foreign policy, dismantling bureaucracy, securing the border, combating inflation, and cutting taxes. He also believes that elected officials should be limited in the number of terms they can serve.

The Detroit native, who has served as police chief in Cincinnati and Portland, argues that a lack of understanding of law enforcement limits the ability of Senators to tackle crime. His “About” page points out that no one in the US Senate has a background in law enforcement, and that Craig can be a “voice” who will “speak truth to power” on the issues US citizens care about.

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