Contractor Who Leaked Trump Tax Information Gets Sentenced

Contractor Who Leaked Trump Tax Information Gets Sentenced

( – Charles Littlejohn, the 38-year-old IRS contractor who leaked the tax records of Donald Trump and other rich figures to the public, received his sentencing on January 29.

Littlejohn originally admitted guilt in disclosing tax documents without authorization. He was accused of specifically using the position to obtain the information so that he could release it to the public. The documents were then put in the spotlight by a number of news outlets reporting that Trump had largely underpaid his taxes. Littlejohn said in a statement that he worked alone and was working to expand transparency, but that he was aware of the possible repercussions of what he did.

Littlejohn will now serve a 5 year prison sentence before a 3-year supervised release. He must also pay a $5,000 fine. Federal Judge Ana Reyes also called his actions “an attack on our constitutional democracy.”

Littlejohn was working for a firm specializing in consultancy work when he obtained Trump’s tax records. He was found to have stolen confidential information between 2018 and 2020, with some records stretching back 15 years prior. The firm’s name has not been released.

Lisa Manning, Littlejohn’s attorney, accused the prosecution of requesting that the court “throw away the law” after her requests for a shorter sentence were denied. She claimed it exceeded guidelines for sentencing significantly, especially since he admitted guilt and cooperated with investigators. Manning believed a sentence lasting only months was sufficient.

His defense also argued that Littlejohn was fighting for financial equality in America. They said that he expected the New York Times to maintain confidentiality both for their source and the documents that were released. They also noted that he had no criminal history before this incident. However, the prosecution argued that his sentence is in line with similar crimes and current law. They also believed the 5 year sentence would serve as a deterrent for similar crimes in the future.

Reyes told Littlejohn that he was required to turn himself in last year by the last day of April.

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