Woman and Lawyer Husband Killed During Custody Battle

Woman and Lawyer Husband Killed During Custody Battle

(RepublicanView.org) – A Las Vegas attorney and his wife were reportedly shot dead by the woman’s former father-in-law while they battled for custody of her children. Joseph Houston allegedly opened fire in the Prince Law Group offices in Las Vegas on April 8, immediately after a deposition hearing. The 77-year-old shot Dennis and Ashley Prince several times, killing them both and then turning the gun on himself.

Reports state that seven people were in the room at the time, and others quickly fled and alerted the police. Mr. Houston was also an attorney and represented his son in the unfolding custody battle.

At a subsequent press conference, Ashley Prince’s family explained that Houston’s son Dylan was the father of Ashley’s children, aged 4 and 5, from their prior marriage. Ashley had since married Dennis Prince, and they had one child together, but Houston sued her for custody of the older two.

Joseph Houston represented his son during the April 8 deposition, while Mr. Prince acted for his wife. Reports indicate that at around 10 am, Joseph Houston pulled a gun and fired multiple times at Dennis and Ashley Prince. Both died at the scene.

Friends and colleagues paid tribute to the slain couple, with a fellow Nevada lawyer describing Mr. Prince as one of the best trial lawyers in the state. He said Prince’s death is a significant blow to the Silver State’s legal profession.

Julie Page, Mrs. Prince’s mother, said her daughter was a fierce protector of her children and would have relentlessly fought the legal battle against her former husband. She “would have never given up the fight for her children,” Page said, according to NBC News.

The victim’s father, Bryce Page, said Ashley was “beaming from her core” after meeting Dennis Prince and felt her dream of creating a loving home for her children had finally come true.

Prince Law Group issued a press statement noting the loss of its founder with “extreme sadness.” The statement thanked well-wishers for offering condolences and support.

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