Special Counsel Issues Response To Biden Testimony Invitation

Biden Declines Invitation To Testify

(RepublicanView.org) – President Joe Biden turned down an invitation sent by the House Oversight Committee to testify in an impeachment inquiry over his family’s controversial business dealings.

James Comer (R-KY), who chairs the committee, sent the letter to Biden in March. It would have given the president an opportunity to detail “under oath” the extent of his involvement in the various businesses owned by his family. He is being accused by Republicans of previously using his position as vice president to influence contracts with businesses owned by him and his relatives.

Biden’s special counsel, Richard Sauber, released an official response on April 15. In it, he claimed that Comer has already admitted that his impeachment investigation has concluded. He called on Comer to end the “partisan charade” and accused him of wasting taxpayer dollars moving forward with it. He then officially declined the invitation for Biden to testify.

Comer responded in a statement by accusing the president of habitual lying, especially when it comes to his family’s business dealings. He also questioned why it was so difficult for Biden to answer “straightforward” questions and give Americans transparency.

On “Mornings With Maria,” Comer also accused the president of turning down an opportunity to “set the record straight.” Sauber has said Comer’s investigation has only uncovered more evidence of the president’s innocence. However, Comer has claimed that his investigation found that $24 million came from foreign sources to Biden and his family. He also said that investigators could not find evidence of legitimate services rendered in exchange for that money. One Washington Post analysis from December alleged Comer’s allegations were misleading, saying that while millions were paid to Hunter Biden and his business associates, none of that had anything to do with the President.

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