Will Biden Miss Ohio Ballot Deadline?

Will Biden Miss Ohio Ballot Deadline?

(RepublicanView.org) – President Joe Biden could miss the deadline for the general election ballot in Ohio, the state’s Secretary of State suggested.

Frank LaRose, the Ohio Secretary of State, warned in a letter obtained by NBC News that the Democratic National Convention will likely occur after the state’s deadline for the general election ballot in a letter sent to Liz Walters, who chairs Ohio’s Democrat Party. He said the state already set the deadline for its ballot on August 7, over a week before the convention certifies the state’s official nominee.

He said the party can solve the problem by rescheduling the convention. He also said they could contact the state’s legislator to request an exemption to the requirement that would be permitted under Ohio state law. However, the request would have to be filed by May 9.

A statement released by the Biden campaign confirmed that it is monitoring the situation. They also expressed confidence that he will appear on the ballot of every state. However, they didn’t announce their plans to ensure that he is included on Ohio’s ballot.

Biden would not be the first nominee to appear on the ballot after missing the deadline. Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama have all faced similar challenges with Ohio’s ballot in the past. However, the Democrats’ current request would have to be approved by Republicans, who hold the majority in Ohio’s legislature. According to a report from The Plain Dealer Cleveland, an expert claimed that a mini convention could also be held to address the deadline issue.

According to the outlet, Ben Kindel, who works with LaRose, said the law has existed for several years. It has largely remained unchanged since 2009, when it was updated with a three month deadline. He said the issue didn’t come up sooner because their office has been focused on primaries and only recently began preparations for the 2024 General Election.

Nickie Antonio, who serves as the state’s senate minority leader, confirmed his party is aware of the issue and looking into it. She, like the Biden campaign, did not confirm plans to remedy it.

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