US Country Singer in Legal Trouble

US Country Singer in Legal Trouble

( – A country singer was arrested and now faces felony charges after an incident that occurred in Nashville, TN on April 7.

Morgan Wallen, 30, was on the rooftop lounging area of a local bar when he threw a chair over the side of the building. It fell six stories before crashing on a sidewalk about three feet from two police officers. The officers immediately approached the bar’s security team to investigate. Several employees allegedly told them that Wallen threw the chair. They later reviewed security footage that confirmed his involvement. Several witnesses said he laughed afterward.

He was arrested early on April 7. He is facing three reckless endangerment charges: two for the officers who stood nearby and one for posing a public danger. He is also facing a disorderly conduct charge. He was released from Metro Jail hours after being detained. His bond had been set at $15,250.

Wallen could face up to six years in jail and thousands in legal fees if convicted. Worrick Robinson, Wallen lawyer, said his client is “cooperating fully” in a statement given to Nexstar’s WKRN.

This isn’t Wallen’s first run-in with the law. He was arrested in 2020 after getting kicked out of a bar owned by rapper Kid Rock. He was accused of “kicking glass items” and starting arguments with pedestrians on the sidewalk. Records show that police asked him to leave several times before detaining him.

He also faced significant backlash in 2021 after a video showed him using racist language while he was spending time with friends. His music was removed from radio stations around the country and several broadcasters canceled guest appearances. However, his album sales continued to surge. The controversies never seemed to harm his growing success.

Wallen initially gained fame while auditioning for “The Voice” television show in 2016. He was among the top 20 performers before being eliminated. Still, the Tennessee native was recruited by Big Loud Records shortly after.

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