Washington Post Columnist Says Biden Shouldn’t Run for President in 2024

Washington Post Columnist Calls for Biden to Drop Out of Race

(RepublicanView.org) – A senior Washington Post columnist has argued that President Joe Biden shouldn’t run for reelection in 2024. In a recent opinion piece, David Ignatius wrote that Biden presents two major challenges – his age and his running mate. High percentages of voters say they are worried about Biden’s mental capacity, while poll numbers indicate voters disapprove of the performance of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Ignatius added that Biden’s “greatest achievement” was stopping Donald Trump, and he risks overturning that next year.

Throughout his piece, Ignatius praises the President for enacting some of the most significant legislation for decades, and for providing a stable response to the war in Ukraine – a response that was balanced enough to allow open support for Ukraine but without dragging Americans into conflict. He credits the current administration with working to bring to Trump “to justice” and calls Biden a “successful and effective president.”

On President Biden’s age, Ignatius notes a survey from August 2023 revealing that 77% of voters consider him too old for another term in the Oval Office. This includes 69% of Democrats and 89% of Republicans. The poll questioned responders on whether they have similar reservations about Donald Trump and 51% responded affirmatively. That result showed that 71% of Democrats think Trump is too old, but just 28% of Republicans. Donald Trump is 77.

The second significant argument Mr. Ignatius puts forward surrounds Vice President Kamala Harris. She is even more important given Biden’s age, he noted, because his advanced years increase the possibility that she will one day occupy the White House as Commander-in-Chief.

Polling site FiveThirtyEight places Harris worryingly low on the public approval scale. Disapproval of the Vice President is consistently higher than approval.

Harris dismissed concerns about Biden’s age, but she says she is prepared for the Presidency should that duty become necessary. “Joe Biden is going to be fine,” she added when speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

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