Vince Fong Officially Takes Over as Kevin McCarthy’s Replacement

Vince Fong Officially Takes Over as Kevin McCarthy's Replacement

( – Republican Vince Fong has been sworn in to Kevin McCarthy’s old Congressional seat. Fong won a special election to take over from the former House Speaker until the fall elections, bringing the GOP majority to 218-213 in the House of Representatives. During campaigning, Fong stated that his priorities were protecting the US border and tackling rising inflation. “We must do more to find solutions and deliver results,” he said.

The new Congressman will represent one of the remaining solidly red regions of the Golden State after defeating fellow Republican and Sheriff Mike Boudreaux with McCarthy’s backing. He had also secured Donald Trump’s endorsement. Fong thanked his predecessor, McCarthy, whom he said had worked “tirelessly for decades on behalf of the constituents of the Central Valley of California.”

Born in Bakersfield in 1979, Fong has a degree in political science from the University of California and a Master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton. He was elected to the California State Assembly in 2016 and won re-election in 2018, 2020, and 2022.

Fong enters Congress under unusual circumstances and replaces the only House Speaker to be ousted from the chair. Kevin McCarthy decided to leave politics after the ouster, which was initiated by fellow Republican Matt Gaetz in response to a deal then-Speaker McCarthy reached with Democrats to maintain government funding.

The battle between McCarthy and Gaetz has not dissipated over time, and on June 2, the former Speaker called for Gaetz’s prosecution for alleged relations with underage girls. Speaking to reporters, McCarthy said Gaetz is not a conservative and confirmed that he will actively support his primary challenger in the run-up to November’s elections.

Federal investigators decided not to file charges against Floridian Gaetz last year following a two-year trafficking investigation into whether the Congressman had crossed international borders or state lines to engage in inappropriate activities with underage girls.

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