Vin Diesel Faces Assault Accusations

Vin Diesel Faces Assault Accusations

( – Action movie star Vin Diesel is facing serious assault allegations by a former assistant.

Asta Jonasson filed the lawsuit against Diesel and his sister, Samantha Vincent, on December 21st. She is accusing their production company of wrongful termination after they allegedly terminated her employment wrongfully. Her termination came after the alleged assault.

The lawsuit accuses Diesel of forcefully kissing and groping Jonasson while filming Fast Five, the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise in Atlanta, GA, in 2010. She also said that the incident occurred after several women that Diesel had been “entertaining” in his room left. Jonasson says she made it clear that she did not consent.

Jonasson claims Vincent called her shortly after the alleged incident. According to the lawsuit, it was made clear that she would be fired and the incident would be covered up entirely through a nondisclosure agreement.

Diesel and his lawyer are vehemently denying the allegations. Bryan Freedman, the attorney representing Diesel, said that he has clear evidence that completely refutes the claims. Freedman also noted the 13 years that have passed since the alleged incident took place.

Jonasson’s lawsuit is demanding payments for psychological distress and unpaid wages. She is also pushing for punitive damages against Diesel.

The allegations put Diesel on a growing list of high-profile men who have been accused of assault by women they worked with or encountered years before. Several lawsuits were filed against male celebrities last month just a week before New York’s “Adult Survivors Act” was set to expire. Jonasson’s lawsuit cites a similar law in California. That law is also expiring soon.

That act allowed alleged victims to file lawsuits past the statute of limitations. Controversial social media influencers Andrew Tate and Russell Brand have also recently been accused of assault in cases dating more than a decade before. Both have denied the allegations and claim that the costly legal process itself is punishment.

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