Mayor Eric Adams Sued Over Public School Cuts

Mayor Eric Adams Sued Over Public School Cuts

( – New York teaching unions have filed a lawsuit against Mayor Eric Adams in response to his plans for steep budget cuts. The unions say the cuts will cause significant harm to education and violate state law. The Mayor is planning an education funds deduction of $550 million, saying it is necessary as the city tries to cope with a massive migrant influx.

In the lawsuit, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) said Mayor Adams exaggerated the city’s financial problems so he could push through a “blunt austerity measure.” The argument rests on state legislation stipulating that the city cannot reduce the education budget unless overall revenue declines. The budget for the fiscal year 2023 shows that city income exceeded expectations, and therefore, the group argues that the Mayor is breaking the law.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said the situation was poised to be “difficult and ugly” and told reporters at a press conference that New York has “never had an administration try to cut their schools when they have historic reserves and their revenues are all up.”

A statement from New York City Comptroller Brad Lander in October said, “FY 2023 revenues were $7.85 billion more than projected in the FY 2023 Adopted Budget, driven by a $5.69 billion variance in tax revenues.” He added that the Big Apple “continues to surpass expectations of recovery” following the 2020 health emergency and accompanying economic lockdown.

Nevertheless, by November, Adams announced “painful” cuts that would include budget decreases for police, trash collection, and other public services. The Mayor said the aim was to save $3.7 billion, adding that migrant costs were increasing.

Mayor Adams blames the federal government for the migrant crisis and said it would “destroy” New York City. He said the country faces a humanitarian emergency, but cities, including New York, have been left to cope without federal government backing. Earlier this year, he said the Biden administration was irresponsible for not tackling the open southern border.

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