US Runs Out of Funds for Ukraine

US Runs Out of Funds for Ukraine

( – It was revealed on January 23 that the Pentagon no longer has Congressionally appropriated funds to give Ukraine as the nation continues its fight against Russia.

The announcement came during a gathering of leaders from 50 countries planning future support for Ukraine. It means the US military currently can’t send munitions to aid the fight against Russia.

The Biden administration is still seeking additional funding from the US Congress. It’s hoping to secure $110 billion for Ukraine, as well as for other allied nations. However, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson said his party is remaining firm in its demands for better border security in exchange for new Ukrainian funding. He also accused the administration of weakening the nation’s border security.

In the meantime, Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Defense Secretary, is encouraging allies to “dig deep” in sending Ukraine more funds and assistance. He issued the plea during a teleconference from home as he continues recovering from recent surgery. He also assured them that aiding Ukraine helps provide a more secure world by fighting tyranny. Austin then reiterated that his office hasn’t seen evidence of funds being misused in Ukraine.

However, Senator JD Vance (R-OH) warned colleagues on January 24 that Department of Defense reports have notably shown insufficient monitoring of funds provided to Ukraine.

NATO allies have struggled with munitions shortages. News broke last year that allied militaries were running critically low on weapons and supplies. Some warehouses have even been emptied with few options for sustainable replenishment.

NATO recently signed a contract worth $1.2 billion to replenish munitions among allied forces. It will cover hundreds of thousands of artillery rounds while helping allies rebuild their stockpiles. However, allies are also struggling with the ongoing fight between Israel and Hamas and recent aggression from Iran.

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