Man Arrested Multiple Times for Stalking Near Taylor Swift’s Home

Man Arrested Multiple Times for Stalking Near Taylor Swift's Home

( – Police in New York have charged a man with stalking for loitering outside the home of music star Taylor Swift. Prosecutors charged 33-year-old David Crowe with two counts each of harassment and stalking after cops arrested him outside her home in Tribeca, New York City.

Crowe was first spotted near the star’s house on Franklin Street by a security team member, who said he was wandering outside but did not try to gain entry. The singer was not home at the time, but witnesses said Crowe was harassing people in the neighborhood. According to reports, he was arrested three times in five days.

The situation is one of many throughout Swift’s career, and she has often faced considerable danger. In 2022, podcaster Jake Brennan said, “The threats on her life have become so persistent that her security team installed facial recognition software at venues.” He added that her security measures indicate her incredible level of success and fame.

Swift has experienced stalking since the very start of her career and has endured severe violations. Roger Alvarado was jailed in 2019 for ransacking the singer’s home. He broke his way through Swift’s apartment windows just 30 days after leaving prison for the same offense. Alvarado confessed to breaking into the singer’s home, using her shower, and napping on her bed. He was jailed for six months.

Last June, Mitchell Taebel from Indiana was charged with stalking, invasion of privacy, intimidation, and harassment after making several attempts to contact her. Swift’s security team caught Taebel in her Nashville home, having gained entry through an unsecured door. He was later seen at her concert and removed.

In an ELLE magazine article in 2019, Swift described what it’s like to be stalked by strange men and said she is forced to remind herself that people are good and remember her faith in humanity. The singer described how highly she values courage and said people must not give in to fear.

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