Suspect Accused of Attempting To Set Freedom Bell on Fire

Suspect Accused of Trying To Set Freedom Bell on Fire

( – A suspect is in custody after he allegedly tried to torch the Freedom Bell just outside of Union Station in Washington, DC.

The Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department of Washington, DC, published an X post confirming the incident the night of March 29. Some previous misinformation had suggested that the perpetrator set themselves on fire, but DC Fire and EMS cleared up the confusion. The department confirmed that no injuries have been reported. They also said those initial reports likely stemmed from social media users listening to scanner traffic. They warned that scanners are often full of incorrect information as officials struggle to determine the details of an incident. Those initial calls were believed to have come from an employee with Amtrak, one of several transportation providers with a hub at Union Station.

One user responding to one of the department’s posts on the matter expressed confusion as to how the bell could be set ablaze. Another commented in regard to the previous false reports, lamenting about “consideration” from journalists going “out the window.”

The Freedom Bell, made out of bronze, was given by the veterans organization American Legion in 1976 to commemorate the bicentennial. It was crafted to resemble the Liberty Bell on display in Philadelphia, PA. The Freedom Bell has been on display outside of Union Station since 1981. It remains the property of the National Park Service.

A police investigation is underway. Officials have not released the names of any suspects in the incident. They also haven’t discussed a possible motive.

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