Evidence Comes To Light in Havana Syndrome Case

Evidence Comes To Light in Havana Syndrome Case

(RepublicanView.org) – New evidence suggests Russia may have been involved in a Havana Syndrome attack on US personnel in Vietnam in 2021, CBS News reported. Just before the arrival of Vice President Kamala Harris to the US embassy in Hanoi that year, eleven Americans were struck with illness, including headache, nausea, vision, and hearing problems – a phenomenon known as Havana Syndrome. CBS News reported that the illness’s cause hasn’t been confirmed by the nation’s officials, but some experts believe it’s caused by “targeted sonic” attacks.

A recent 60 Minutes investigation involving multiple producers and journalist Christo Grozev, who probed the poisoning of the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, suggests that the attack on Americans in 2021 was carried out by Vietnamese agents using technology imported from Russia. The investigators furthermore suggested the attack could have been accidental and that Vietnamese agents used the technology to listen to American conversations, not realizing its potential to cause illness.

During the research, 60 Minutes uncovered an email from Vietnam’s security services to Russian intelligence. The email revealed that Russian agents obtained permission from the Kremlin to provide “LRAD acoustic emitters” to Vietnam. These “long-range acoustic device[s]” emit sound beams at such a high volume that they cause intense pain and other symptoms. Grozev believes that Russia may be sending the devices to Vietnam and other countries to establish links and loyalty.

Politico reports that Havana Syndrome incidents involving approximately 1,000 official or military personnel have occurred over the past decade. The phenomenon’s name comes from an incident involving US diplomats in Cuba in 2016. Several American emissaries developed headaches, loss of hearing, and other symptoms similar to those experienced following a brain injury. No cause was established, and the victims recovered.

Since then, US military officials have investigated Havana Syndrome, but in the wake of the recent report, some people say not seriously enough. Speaking on CNN, former National Security Advisor John Bolton accused the federal government of effectively ignoring the potential damage sonic attacks could inflict on US troops.

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