Super PAC Launches Ads To Support Candidates in 2 States

Super PAC Launches Ads To Support Candidates in 2 States

( – Charles Koch’s super PAC Americans for Prosperity has started funding commercials and ads in Nevada and Pennsylvania, two key states in the race for the 2024 Senate.

The ads are primarily focusing on current Republican candidates who are the most likely to win their nominations. The marketing plan includes $600,000 in Nevada and $1 million in Pennsylvania. They are bolstering the campaigns of Sam Brown and Dave McCormick, respectively.

The ads cover their military experience and focus on issues related to border and nation security. They also cover plans to improve the nation’s energy independence while also lowering inflation. Each of these issues has gained significant attention during the Biden administration.

Both candidates failed to win 2022 primaries. However, they have been performing well in the polls ahead of the 2024 elections. They have both received key endorsements, including Senate GOP campaign committee chair Steve Daines (R-MT).

McCormick will be challenging Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) ahead of the 2024 elections. Casey has served three terms but is expected to face an uphill battle this year. He acknowledged that challenge during an interview early in February.

According to NBC News, Casey has also praised President Joe Biden and defended him against shaky poll numbers. Casey claimed “some of that analysis” was “over-emphasized.”

Both races are expected to gain national attention as election season heats up. The GOP will need to gain at least two seats to win back a majority in the Senate.

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