Koch-Backed Organization No Longer Providing Funding for Haley

Koch-Backed Organization No Longer Providing Funding for Haley

(RepublicanView.org) – Conservative think-tank Americans for Prosperity Action, an organization supported by billionaire Charles Koch, have announced that they will no longer fund Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign.

The announcement comes after Haley was defeated by Donald Trump in a recent primary. She lost in her own home state of South Carolina, where she previously served as governor. The Michigan primary race was held just days later, and Trump is projected to take that win as well.

Haley’s strategy largely focused on attacking Trump’s mental cognition. Age and mental fitness have been hurdles in Biden’s reelection campaign after his presidency was plagued by a series of gaffes, many of which have garnered international attention. However, 77-year-old Trump continues to take the majority of the votes.

Haley said her campaign will press on despite these losses. She said donations from supporters have been enough to sustain their operations. Trump has attacked Haley’s donors and warned that he is a far more viable candidate, suggesting that their funds would be wasted if they continue supporting her.

AFP Action says it is still supportive of Haley’s efforts, but doesn’t believe that its financial support can help her any further. It is the latest of several groups to pull funding from Haley’s campaign despite her rise to second place in the race for the GOP nomination. Andy Sabin, a magnate in the metals industry, stopped funding Haley’s campaign in January and recommended that Haley drop out of the race. He also suggested that the race has already ended and Trump will be the winner. Trump has repeatedly blasted Haley for refusing to drop out on Truth Social.

AFP Action also said that it will begin focusing its efforts on House seats. They have announced $1.6 million in ads that will target Pennsylvania and Nevada. Both are considered key swing states in the 2024 general election. AFP Action’s ads will help promote the campaigns of two GOP candidates who have both served in the military. The GOP only needs two seats to gain the majority in the Senate.

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