South Korean Opposition Leader Suffers Attack

South Korean Opposition Leader Reportedly Suffers Attack

( – Lee Jae-myung, an outspoken leftist leader in South Korea, suffered an attempted assassination while surrounded by journalists on January 2.

Footage captured from one reporter’s camera shows the crowd react in shock after a man lunged at Lee. Several other men can then be seen attempting to pull the attacker away.

The 59-year-old leader of South Korea’s Democratic Party was given emergency treatment at a nearby hospital in Busan. He was later transported via life flight to a hospital in Seoul, the nation’s capital. He is now recovering from emergency surgery at Seoul National University Hospital.

Lee had just finished touring a potential site for a new airport in the southeastern Korean city. The attacker originally asked for Lee’s autograph to get closer. He was wearing a crown with Lee’s name. He then stabbed Lee in the neck. The footage shows him laying down a few minutes later while another person attempts to keep pressure on his wound.

Sohn Jae-han, who was among the dozens of police officers assigned to control the crowd, said officials with Lee’s party were quick enough to stop the attacker before officers could intervene. They arrested him soon after. Sohn also believes the suspect, who appeared to be in his 60s, used a 7-inch blade in the attack.

Authorities said they were planning to charge the suspect with attempted murder. Investigators are still determining a motive since he refused to answer the authorities’ questions.

Conservative South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol spoke against the attack and wished Lee a fast recovery.

Police have raided the suspect’s house since he was arrested. They have also requested an arrest warrant since, under the law, they must release the suspect after holding him for 28 days without a warrant.

Yoon won a close victory over Lee in South Korea’s 2022 presidential election. He has since served as the leader of the nation’s opposition party. He also previously served as governor of the Gyeonggi province.

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