Sarah Ferguson Receives Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson Receives Skin Cancer Diagnosis

( – The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is now facing a skin cancer diagnosis less than a year after fighting breast cancer.

Ferguson expressed her excitement over beating breast cancer in an Instagram post published on New Year’s Eve. She also celebrated her novel reaching the top 5 bestsellers list published by the Sunday Times.

However, she has now been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. The condition was discovered by a dermatologist during the removal of several moles. The moles were removed ahead of reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. The moles were analyzed, and one was found to be cancerous.

Her spokesperson said that doctors are now further investigating her condition to see if it’s still in the early stages. Low-stage melanoma is relatively easy to treat in its early stages. Most patients boast a high cure rate. However, it is also the most severe form of skin cancer when left untreated.

It has the ability to spread to vital organs and become terminal. It is responsible for more deaths than any other form of skin cancer. Melanoma moles are often mistaken for normal benign moles, although some can be distinctive in appearance. Ferguson stressed the importance of considering moles, including their shape, size, texture, and color.

Her spokesperson said the Duchess remains optimistic despite two cancer diagnoses so close together. She has worked closely with her daughters to support the Teenage Cancer Trust. One of her daughters, Princess Beatrice, is also the British Skin Foundation’s patron. She has worked with several patients suffering from skin cancer.

Fergsuon’s diagnosis comes shortly after King Charles III also received troubling medical news. News outlets recently reported he was seeking treatment for an enlarged prostate. However, his condition is believed to be benign.

Princess of Wales Kate was also hospitalized on January 17 with abdominal complications. She underwent surgery and could be hospitalized for up to two weeks. No additional details about her condition have been released.

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