Reparations Panel Demands Apology for Reagan Phrase

( – The Californian reparations panel has completed its recommendations list and is demanding an apology for President Reagan’s use of the phrase “welfare queen.” The board also wants the state to apologize for the fact that so few black people work as doctors and lawyers. Finally, it demands formal contrition for slavery, even though slavery was never legal in the Golden State.

Former President Reagan used the term “welfare queen” during his 1976 election campaign. He made welfare and social security reform a central facet of his campaign strategy. He told audiences about a Chicago woman who had used 80 names, 30 addresses, and 15 phone numbers to fraudulently collect welfare checks worth $150,000 a year. The woman was mixed race, and the reparations panel said they believe the phrase is a racial slur aimed at denigrating black women who receive welfare payments.

The reparations task force was established in 2020 after Black Lives Matter riots caused havoc across America. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic Governor, signed off on forming the panel but has remained silent about many of its recommendations.

Newsom has not commented on the potential $800 billion reparations bill. The task force is asking for around $1 million each for every black resident of the state.

Some black residents, however, are furious about the proposals. Retired NFL star Jack Brewer said handing out cash to black Californians will increase racial division and resentment and will not address the underlying problems. He said education was the critical issue and that many young blacks lacked discipline and leadership in broken homes.

Attorney Leo Terrell said he would be the first lawyer in the state to fight the suggestion of providing funds on racial grounds. He called the proposals unconstitutional and illegal and said he would personally refuse any race-based payments. Former gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder said, “Reparations is the extraction of money from people who were never slave owners to people who were never slaves.”

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