Putin Seeking Another 6 Years in Power

Putin Seeking Another 6 Years in Power

(RepublicanView.org) – Vladimir Putin has thrown his hat in the ring for another six-year term as Russia’s president. Despite criticism for his handling of the Ukraine war, Putin maintains strong support after being in charge for almost 25 years.

Putin announced his candidacy after a Kremlin event, mentioning that it was necessary to make a decision about his run. Tatiana Stanovaya from the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center observed the subdued declaration, indicating it might have been a deliberate move by the Kremlin to underscore Putin’s humility and concentration on his duties rather than engaging in a boisterous election campaign, according to a report from ABC News.

Reuters reported that supporters of Putin have put the spotlight on independent polls which show the Russian leader having about 80 percent approval.

Putin, at 71, has already changed rules twice to extend his potential time in power. He’s the longest-serving Kremlin leader since Stalin. He initially stepped down in 2008 due to term limits but continued to call the shots while Dmitry Medvedev took over as president, according to ABC News. Terms were later extended to six years from four, and amendments allowed two more consecutive terms from 2024.

Political analysts like Dmitry Oreshkin and Levada polls suggested a drop in Putin’s popularity when he secured these amendments. ABC News reported that according to some, this decline might have driven Putin’s decision to engage in the Ukraine conflict in 2022, hoping for a quick win to boost his re-election prospects. However, the war turned into a tough stalemate, challenging Putin’s popularity amid economic struggles and declining tolerance for dissent.

The upcoming election will span three days in 2024, including voting in disputed regions of Ukraine under Russian control. Putin’s long rule has shaped Russia’s standing with the West and internally, fostering corruption and repression while isolating Russia from Western nations.

Putin’s campaign initiation by a war veteran whose son died in the conflict underscores the significance of the ongoing war in the election context. Despite his lengthy rule and growing challenges, Putin seems set to seek power for another term.

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