2 Couples Accused of Adopting Kids for Financial Gain, Inflicting Abuse

2 Couples Accused of Adopting Kids for Financial Gain, Inflicting Abuse

(RepublicanView.org) – Two Michigan couples have been taken into custody over allegations of adopting numerous children for financial gain while reportedly subjecting several of them to severe mental and physical abuse.

Joel Brown, 54, and Tammy Brown, 53, along with Jerry Flore, 58, and Tamal Flore, 56, from DeWitt, were indicted on 36 counts of child abuse in Clinton County. This follows evidence collected against them for alleged mistreatment of eight children among the many adopted through their homes since 2007.

The attorney general, Dana Nessel, accused the couples of exploiting the adoption and foster care system, allegedly amassing over $1 million in tax-free subsidies. These children, according to Nessel, faced systematic mental and physical abuse, disguised as disciplinary measures, all for the couples’ personal financial benefit.

Nessel condemned the alleged actions, emphasizing the vulnerability of children entering foster care or adoption systems.

Joel Brown, a former child advocate at the Children’s Service Agency, is accused of utilizing his expertise to conceal abuse within his household and assist the Floreses in hiding abuse in theirs, as per statements from Nessel.

Further attempts were made to reach out to the lawyers who defended the Floreses and the Browns in the prior legal proceedings. The couples faced prior charges in Clinton County, where Joel and Tammy Brown’s case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence. The Attorney General’s Office has added more charges compared to their earlier accusations.

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