Pence Reveals He’s Not Endorsing Trump

Pence Reveals He's Not Endorsing Trump

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence has confirmed he will not support Donald Trump in November’s Presidential election. In an interview with Fox News, Pence said his decision not to back his former boss should be no surprise given his repeated criticisms of Trump since they left office. Pence initially threw his hat into the ring for the Republican primaries and, at that time, signed a pledge that he would support the Republican nominee, whoever that was. He withdrew from the race early, however, and did not offer his support to any remaining candidate.

Pence joins several former Trump officials who refuse to back the former President’s bid for a second White House term. Some members of Trump’s previous administration have spoken out fiercely against him, including his Attorney General William Barr, Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, two White House Chiefs of Staff, Mick Mulvaney and John Kelly, and notably, his UN Ambassador Nikki Haley – who stayed in the primary contest right up to the wire, increasing her criticisms of Trump as the contest wore on.

One of the most outspoken Trump opponents throughout the primaries was ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who condemned the former President from the outset and campaigned predominantly on an anti-Trump ticket.

During the GOP primary debates and accompanying media appearances, Christie repeatedly referred to Trump as a coward and a liar. He also lashed out at fellow candidates for failing to sufficiently condemn Trump’s behavior.

Mike Pence turned his back on Donald Trump at the same time as many other prior loyalists – after the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill. He explained that when Trump requested that he refuse to certify Joe Biden’s election victory, he forced him to choose between the former President and the US Constitution. “I chose the Constitution,” he said.

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